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Learner Licence

A learner driver must have done a theory test of the road code, once passed this gives them a learner licence which allows them to get behind the wheel. The Learner driver must have a supervisor (someone who has had their full NZ licence for at least 2 years) with them in the car at all times.

A good way to start a brand new driver is to have 3-5 lessons with a professional driving instructor to teach the basic driving skills. After this initial stage loads of practice helps develop their skills with 2-5 more lessons spread over a period of time to develop their searching, hazard identification, hazard response and other skills such as parking.

Land Transport New Zealand in conjunction with Accident Compensation Corporation has designed a FREE PRACTISE programme to assist learner drivers to pass their restricted drivers test. Parents or caregivers are typically their guide. You are given videos, driving simulation cd and a manual to help you. They recommend the learner driver to clock up 120 hours of practice before sitting their driving test, with this much practice they are 30% less likely to crash when driving alone.

FREE PRACTISE PROGRAME -   [temporarily out of service] 



Resticted Licence

Restricted lessons are a perfect way to obtain your first experience of driving, and at Streets Ahead Driving School we offer a comprehensive package available anywhere from Motueka to Nelson. 

We allow you to use your own car so that you can become comfortable in the same vehicle you will eventually drive on passing your test, or you can use our driving school vehicles which allow your instructor to take over should you get into difficulty.

Each lesson is tailored to meet your individual needs so that you learn at a pace that is right for you. You can choose to learn in an automatic or manual vehicle to prepare you properly for the car you will be using in your daily life. To find out more about how to book your first learner lessons and speak to us about your driving needs, call us today on 021 270 6124.

Your restricted licence test takes 45 minutes to complete. The Testing Officer will check your car prior to going out for a test. NB. You must provide a vehicle for the test (your car or hire a driving school car).


1. You must have your current drivers licence. If you only have your temporary drivers licence you will need to bring an acceptable photo id.
2. Vehicle must have current registration and wof.
3. Make sure brake lights, indicators, horn and headlights all work and tyre tread and pressure to a good standard.
4. Approved L plates must be clearly displayed at the front and rear.
5. You must arrive at the center at least 5 minutes prior to your test time. NB. Print out booking confirmation slip or retain the slip from the agency and CHECK YOU HAVE CORRECT TIME AND DATE.
6. Any queries contact NZTA 0800 822 422.


To pass the restricted licence test you must demonstrate the ability to do all of the following:

• Observe the road rules
• Satisfactory car handling skills
• Correct searching and scanning techniques
• Correct mirror use
• Correct signal use
• Head checks/blind spot checks
• Correct speed to the road conditions
• Satisfactory breaking skills
• Correct road positioning
• Good gap selections


The drivers result is determined by a combination of performance tasks, critical errors and immediate fail errors. To read more about these, please go to the NZTA website. Your driving instructor will also cover the relevant criteria during driving lessons.

At the end of the test the Testing Officer will tell you whether or not you have passed. They will discuss any errors you made and give advice on correcting these errors.

They will issue you with (if you pass) a temporary licence which is valid for 21 days. Your new photo driver licence will be mailed to you in that time.

We have a 90% first time pass rate for the restricted driving test. 
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